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Mountainsong Galleries is like nothing else in Carmel-by-the-Sea and is THE place to find more of today's OPA and AIS Master Artists than anywhere in the world...we have the Dream Team of Master Artists.

Daniel E. Greene, N. A., AWS, PSA, OPAMaster
Everett Raymond Kinstler, N. A., AWS, PSA, OPAMaster
Neil Patterson, OPAMaster, President, Oil Painters of America
Cyrus Afsary, OPAMaster
Kenn Backhaus, AISMaster, OPAMaster
Clayton J. Beck III, AISMaster
Harley Brown, OPAMaster
Nancy Bush, AISMaster
John Michael Carter, OPAMaster
William T. Chambers, OPAMaster
Nancy Seamons Crookston, OPAMaster
Kim English, AISMaster
Dan Gerhartz, OPAMaster
Albert Handell, AISMaster, OPAMaster
David Hettinger, OPAMaster
Doug Higgins, OPAMaster
Quang Ho, AISMaster, OPAMaster
Nancy Howe, OPAMaster
William Scott Jennings, OPAMaster
Ramon Kelley, OPAMaster
Steven Lang, OPAMaster
Jeff Legg, OPAMaster
Calvin Liang, AISMaster, OPAMaster
Weizhen Liang, AISMaster
Huihan Liu, AISMaster, OPAMaster
Kevin Macpherson, AISMaster, OPAMaster
Sherrie McGraw, OPAMaster
Ned Mueller, OPAMaster
Paul Mullally, OPAMaster
C. W. Mundy, OPAMaster
Joyce Pike, OPAMaster
Joan Potter, OPAMaster
William Schneider, AISMaster
Craig Tennant, OPAMaster
Zhiwei Tu, AISMaster, OPAMaster
Jeffrey R. Watts, OPAMaster
William Whitaker, OPAMaster
Alan Wolton, OPAMaster
Shizhong Yan, OPAMaster
Jim Dietz, Premier Automobile and Military Artist
Randy Strong who has three of his exquisite glass pieces in the Louvre in Paris
Barry Stein whose dramatic bronze work is in the Pentagon and The Waldorf Astoria

Mountainsong offers exquisite art at great values in a friendly, fun, upbeat setting. Specializing in contemporary Master artists, whimsical and dramatic bronze sculptures, stunning glass art and custom wood furniture, Mountainsong represents some of the greatest artists of our time from coast-to-coast.
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Oil Painters of America

Mountainsong Galleries is honored to host the FIRST IN THE WORLD Oil Painters of MASTERS ONLY Show from July 25, 2014 through August 24, 2014.

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American Impressionist Society

Mountainsong Galleries hosted the American Impressionist Society's 12th Annual Juried Event.

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